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October 10, 2013
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“C’mon! Please?” “No.” “Please?” “NO! Keith C‘mon. It’s a bad idea.” I frown my brows, and cross my arms, strongly refusing to do as my redheaded friend asks. “You’re such a sissy!” He growls matching my crossed arms, and pouted lips, “Why risk something that might be true? We’ll get hurt!” I argue back at him averting my eyes to the laptop at the end of my bed. “But what if it isn’t? There’s two of us, and one of him! Only one of us would die if we go on cleverbot!” “Yeah? AND THAT’D BE ME! He’d be on MY laptop, in MY room, and most likely I’D be the one DEAD!” I rant squinting at him. “___, please?” Keith takes hold of my hands and lightly smiles, “FINE! But if something bad happens, I’m going to haut you!” He nod, while I sigh in defeat, pulling the laptop over to us, and keying in ‘’. “Ok, what should we say?” Keith asks staring excitedly at the screen, “Say whatever you want! I want nothing to do with this.” I roll my eyes as he pokes at the keys then hits enter. I read the words; ‘Hello BEN.’ “Really Kei?” He smiles wide then looks back at the screen to see a respond, ‘Hello, Keith. Hello, ___.’ We look at each other shocked then he closes the laptop. “Oh my god! He’s real! Dear god…..We have to get rid of your laptop! Burn it! BURN IT!” He picks it up but I tackle him down, “N-No! You idiot! Give that back!” We roll around on the ground bumping into the walls and other furniture in my room fighting over the computer. “Keith!” “___!” We growl at each other right as I flip him around and pin him to the floor. “We have to get rid of it!” Keith rants, “No, we, DON’T!” I yell, removing the laptop from his hands and fly back into the dresser hitting my head. “A-Ah, you’re such an idiot. God, just get out. You cause nothing but trouble….” I mumble rubbing my head, standing to my feet, “___? Are you ok?” He sets a hand on my shoulder, “I’m fine, you should get home now.” I shoo him away, sitting on my bed with the computer. “Alright….sorry about that….I over reacted.” “You think?” We chuckle before he turns his heels and heads out the room, “Goodnight ___!” “Night Keith!” And with that, he goes.
    I lay on my bed with the computer resting on my stomach still closed. “Hmmm….” I think opening it to see a black screen. I push the power button, but nothing happened, “Huh?” I cock a brow pushing it few more times, getting angrier and angrier. “Why won’t you turn on!” I yell plugging it into the charger to see that doesn’t even work. “Gah! Whatever! I’ll deal with you in the morning.” I roll my eyes getting in bed, taking my tank top off, then go under the cover for the rest of the night. Later a cold shiver rolls up my spine making my eyes snap open, ‘It’s the middle of summer. Where’d that come from?’ I think to myself, reaching a lazy hand out to grab my tank top. Feeling fabric between my fingers, I give a good yank to pick it up, only it makes a slight yelping sound. “What the-” I panic, flinging myself out of bed, only to see an Elvin boy the age of seventeen, with red eyes and blood dripping from the bottom of his lids. “W-who- how’d-” I rack my brain trying to figure out what’s going on, “Hello, ___.” He grins arrogantly crossing his arms to his chest, “H-how-how do you- who- are you?” I stumble backwards only to fall on my rear, and have him chuckle. The boy climbs over my bed like a spider, then crawls in between my legs up to be only inches away from my face. “My, my, such a pretty face~  It’d be a shame if something, bad happened to it.” He breathes gently brushing his lips against my neck and collarbone.
    “H-hey! Stop! You, CREEP!” With all the strength I could muster out of my shaky, surprised body, I chuck him off of me and stand to my feet as he goes flying into the side of my bed. “Ow! That hurt.” He growls pushing himself up to stand and face me again, “You shouldn’t have done that.” His eyes grow darker then before as he walks up to me fists griped tightly close, “Really? That’s what you have to say?” I raise a brow at him, fear leaving me faster then it came. “Excuse me?” He stops in his heavy step to stare, “If someone went looking for you, they know you’ll say that so… won’t always scare them.” I cross my arms and tilt my head to the side. He looks at me up and down, face going from a threatening one to a more confused one, then into a chill face as he plops down onto my bed, crossing his legs like he owns the house. “You’re ok. I like you.” He smirks looking at his nails acting bored but his words sounding amused. “Not to many girls or even guys stand up to me. You’re special.” He makes a smile like pout looking over at me, scanning me once more, before turning back to his nail picking. “Got any food around here?” He asks resting on his back on my bed, “Gee, I don’t know, it’s not like I have to eat to survive.” He glares at me then chuckles, “You need to work on your come backs missy. They’re terrible.” He smiles cheekily at himself before sitting up, walks over to me, snatching my hand and dragging me out of my room, only in a bra, downstairs into the kitchen.
    “You have nothing good in here!” He complains looking in the fridge, “Hey, why not rummage through the cabinets too and see if there’s anything good in THEM?” I mumble aggrievedly to myself, arms crossed tightly to my chest watching him turn and smirk at me. “Great idea!” I glare at him watching closely as he trots around the kitchen making a lot of noise, opening and closing the cabinets. “Hey! Keep it down! You’ll end up waking my mom-” Just then I heard footsteps slowly coming down the stairs towards to kitchen. “You idiot!” I whisper, grabbing his arms and getting into the tight linen closet. “If you wanted to get this close you should have said so~” He whispers in my ear, making me remember I’m only in a bra, pressed firmly against his chest. “Shh! Shut up!” I growl watching out the cracks in the door to see my mom moving around the kitchen, only to get a glass of water then head back to bed. Once her footsteps stopped, I bust out of the closet freeing myself of BEN. “Alright! Now that she’s gone, I’mma grab a piece of that cake in the fridge!” He grins flinging the door open and pulling out the cake I made for my cousin’s birthday, which is on Saturday. That’s tomorrow. “No! Put it back! That’s not for you!” I growl extending a hand to reach the cake, but he pulls back giggling, “Uh-uh-uh! This is MY cake now! Fight me for it woman!” “Oh I’ll fight you for it.” He stops smiling hearing my words then a cheeky, and evil grin arises on his pale face. “Good.” He chuckles creeping back into the shadows of the dark living room, his voice echoing all around me. “BEN!” I frown, hurrying out to grab him but there’s nothing there. “BEN! I need that cake for my cousin! Bring it back!” I whisper loudly looking in all directions of the large warm room. Nothing. He vanished into thin air. “Come and find me~” I hear is voice all around me, “But you’re nowhere! I can’t find you if I can‘t see you!” I whisper back glaring out in the darkness. “Use your brain, where would you go if you were me?” I suddenly feel like an idiot, ‘He’s in my computer.’ I think heading up the stairs to my room, then open my laptop to see it turning on. A document opens itself and types up the word; ‘Oh look, you finally found me.’ I roll my eyes shutting the computer.
    BEN pops out smiling at me then frowns, “Why the long face?” He asks poking my shoulder, “I want the cake back.” I turn my head away and cross my arms, “Is that what this is about? Jeez, find take it. You’re no fun when you’re all mad and weird like that.” He pouts handing me the cake then sucking himself back into the laptop. “Night.” He says before disappearing again. “Yeah…..Night…..” I take the cake downstairs, put it in the fridge, then quickly head back into my bedroom and into bed.
    “___! Honey! Get up! We’re going to be late!” My mom calls practically flipping my matters to get me up, “What’s the rush?” I sleepily ask, rubbing my eyes, “You’re cousin’s party is in an hour! Why are you sleeping so late?” She rants going through my closet looking for an outfit for me. “I don’t know…..I couldn’t sleep last night.” I stand and wobble over to her as she shoves thing into my hands yelling ‘put this on!’ “Whatever, just, get ready! I’ll be downstairs!” She hurries away leaving me slightly confused. I change into my outfit and go down the steps slowly making sure not to trip in my sleepy daze. “Hurry! Hurry! Where’s the cake?” She runs left and right grabbing things and setting unneeded things down. “Fridge. I’ll get it.” I yawn walking over to the fridge, pulling it open only to find majora’s mask in front of the cake. I was surprised at first but shake it off, taking out the mask, and the cake. It’d be a lie if I said I didn’t like meeting BEN. In fact, I thought he was kind of cute. I place the mask into my bag, along with the cake and my cousin’s present. “___!! Get your slow butt out here!” Mom calls, honking the horn over and over, “Alright! Alright! GOD!” I groan, slipping my shoes on then get in the car. “We’re going to be a little late….jeez.” She sighs backing out of the driveway. “He’s turning fifteen ma’! He doesn’t want his parents there so I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want us there either!” I fold my arms to my chest and stare out the window watching the blurred houses pass by. “___, please. Just push through this. I have to have a grown up meeting with the family, so this will be a good way for you and Matthew to bond!” “But he doesn’t WANT to bond, especially not with me!” The car goes silent and stays that way for the rest of the ride.
    We pull up into the crowded driveway, getting out, and waving to other family and people we know. “Alright now ___. Go set your gift with the others and go find Matthew!” She smiles with her angry words, pointing over to a table with many wrapped things. “Yeah, whatever.” I sigh and head off. ‘God this sucks.’ I think setting the gift down gently then turn and bump into someone, “Woops! Sorry!” I say looking up at a boy with brown hair and mossy green eyes, “No, that’s alright! You’re kind of cute you know that?” He beams eyeing me up and down. “You’re not to bad yourself. I’m ___.” I grin holding out my hand, “Ah, Matthew!” He smiles then shakes it, but I retract my hand and stare at him, “What’s the matter?” Mat’ asks titling his head, “Wow, that’s awkward. You’re totally my cousin.” I speak mortified by the flirting, he seems to share the disgust. “Oh god gross!” We say at the same time, but laugh in the end. “I haven’t seen you in forever! No wonder I didn’t recognize you!” I giggle as we walk off to catch up with each other. “Try it on!” Matthew grins pointing at Majora’s mask in my hands, “I don’t want to become cursed though!” We chuckle, “Can I try it on then?” “Uh…..Perhaps….It’s made of some soft stone so be careful!” I shrug and hand it to him, “Put me on and die!!” An echoing voice glided through the air, grabbing both my and Matthews attention, “What? Did you say something ___?” “Huh? No! You heard that too?” We look around. “Um….Here, never mind.” He hands me the mask back before standing up, “Do you want something to drink?” “Sure! Thanks!” He nods before heading off to where the snacks are. “I was almost stuck on that guy’s face!” The voice returns, “Wha-?” I blink only to find BEN sitting on my lap, a bored expression all over his childlike features, “GAH!!” I breath, falling back bringing him with me. “Hey there pumpkin~” He smirks leaning close to my face, “G-Get off of me!” I push him away and stand up. “Aw, oh well! There are bigger breasted girls here anyways!” He grins looking around at girls from my school. I blush and turn away, walking over to where Matthew went. “Hey! Where you going? Come back~!” BEN playfully whines following after me, “Just leave me alone!” I clench my fists, turning sharply to face him, “Whoa, calm down there beautiful. Just take a deep breath!” He backs off slightly, but still smirks. “Arrogant little…..!” I turn back around only to end up smashing into Matthew and covering us in the red punch he was bringing. “Ah! Crap! Sorry!” I wince looking down at my ruined outfit, “No, that’s ok! Oh! My sister has some old clothes she doesn’t wear anymore in the house if you want to change!” He smiles, pointing at the white building decorated with party balloons. “Alright! Thanks!” I speak, while he follows me into the house to show me where the clothes are. “Here!” He grins handing over a light (F/C) dress then heads into his own room to change his soaked clothes, and BEN followed me in.
    BEN sits himself on the end of the large bed in the room, looking around with a curious look. “Get out.” I speak pointing to the door, “Aww! But why?” He pouts looking over at me, “Well maybe because I need to change?” I glare at him, watching his shoulders raise then fall, “I don’t have to leave.” He scoffs laying on his back picking at his nails. I growl to myself, turning away from him, then remove my shirt. My face flushes red when I hear him wolf whistle at me, “Shut up! I’m nothing to look at according to you!” I snap looking down at my dropped shirt, my expression turning sad, but quickly irritated thinking about it. “You’re not NOTHING just not a lot!” He grins a cheeky grin, thinking he made the situation better, but only made it worse. “You! Gah! I hate you! Isn’t there a way to stuff you BACK into the computer!” I yell at him, taking hold of his collar to bring his small form near my face. “Hey! Hey! Chill out baby face! I don’t me harm!” “Well you’re doing a great deal of it right now!” I push him back away from me then continue undressing myself, then put on the short but cute (F/C) dress, turning around to look at him again. I’m surprised when I see him facing away, looking out the window instead of being a pervert like I thought he was going to be. “BEN?” I walk over and sit next to him, “…..It’s weird…..You’re the first person who isn’t afraid of me.” He sighs still staring out the window, “Well the moment you didn’t hurt me after I spoke back I figured you didn’t care anymore.” I shrug, following his gaze out the window to the large open green field just in the back yard, stretching for miles beyond view. “Huh…..Like I said it’s weird…..You know what? I‘ve spend most my life living in computers and torturing people, that I never get to see things like this….” He trails off with a dreamy gaze out in the open land. “Well now that you’re out you can explore.” I smile patting his shoulder, “I don’t know about that…..I never really went somewhere other then a computer before…..I couldn’t blend in either.” He rolls his red orbs, before stand to his small feet and walking over to my satchel  and opening it up, “What are you-” “I’ll be in your phone if you need me.” He says slowly, kind of sad in a way, then poof onto the screen of my cell. I feel really bad for him. It must get boring doing nothing but game jump all day. I frown, pick up my things, and head out to meet up with Matthew again.
    Hours later after the party mom drives us back home, only to go out with dad ten minutes later, leaving me home alone. I make my way upstairs and into my bedroom, throwing my bag on the floor, then get into bed. “So- freaking tired….” I sigh, burying my face into my plush pillow, wishing never to get up. So I don’t. An hour later I wake up to the sound of my parents coming home, but don’t bother saying hi. The only thing I do is gasp seeing and arm wrapped tightly around my waist, and warm breaths sweeping the nip of my neck calmly. BEN must have crawled into bed while I was sleeping without knowing. Or he’s just being a creep like always. However I ignore him, then shut my eyes, drifting out into a new dream.
    “___! Get yourself out of bed! It’s nearly one P.M!” My mom yells, opening the shutters and pulling the blanket from me, “Uh…..” I groan, sitting up and rub my eyes. “What did you do to your arm?” She questions pointing at me. I look down at my arm finding several bruises and teeth marks on it, going up to my shoulder. “I….got chased my Matthew‘s neighbor‘s dog…..?” I looking around then at her, “Did you have someone over last night while we were gone? ‘Cause I know around the age sixteen, seventeen, your hormones are pretty strong….” “Gross mom. Just really gross. I didn’t have anyone over. I hardly know anyone anyways!” I get out of bed and open the closet, “Well. I’ll be downstairs. Keith called, he says he’s coming over around one thirty.” She informs before leaving. I change my clothes, then sit at my desk to browse the internet until Keith makes it here. A word document opens itself, “Hey, what’s new?” It types, “What did you do to me last night?” I type back, “I didn’t do anything, why?” “My arm is covered with teeth marks and hickeys.” BEN pops out of the computer and sits on my bed. “I have a teething problem when I sleep sorry.” He shrugs looking up and down my arm, “Now the next question is why were you in my bed?” I growl staring him down, “What! I just wanted somewhere to sleep other then the computer! It gets drafty in there!” He complains laying on his back. “Whatever.” I roll my eyes, standing up and going over to the door then open it. “Whoa-” “Yeah hey-!” I collide with Keith and fall back. “You ok ___?” I nod, pushing him off of me, “So- Has anything happened since our visit with…..Cleverbot?” He asks staring at me, “Why not ask the pasta within?” I jester over to BEN on my bed, watching Keith’s baby blue eyes widen. “Whoa……” He stands up and walks over to BEN, “Your costume is awesome!” “It’s not a costume moron.” BEN scoffs, standing up then walk over to my laptop, “I’m heading home. Bye ___.” He waves then poofs back into the monitor. “He called me a moron….That was the real BEN DROWNED…..Holy crap what is this!” Keith freaks out, both happy and horrified. “The doing of your stupid idea. I can’t get rid of him!” I shake my head, and cross my arms. “Explain to me!” I cock a brow at the redheaded boy then sit and tell him what happened after he left that day.
    “So he just, follows you around?” I nod with a shrug, “Why?”
“Why? Why? You’re asking HER why I follow her around? Why not ask ME?” BEN pops out of the computer with a pout, “Ok, then why do you follow her around?” “Because there’s nothing better to do.” He speaks sitting next to me, “And we’re together~!” He smirks hugging my arm, “We are not!” I push him away. “Aw! You’re no fun!” He made big puppy eyes, while his ears sloop down. “I never said I was.”
To be continued-
I don’t own creepypasta.
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And don’t forget to read the description for links to the next part and more.
So yeah~ This is the start of my new series with BEN. About five people voted for BEN so he’s the winner. Sorry if this first part sucked. o3o But hey! The first part of books aren’t always the best! It’s all gotta build up right? Anyways enjoy! : D

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Mylittlecloney Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
Has anyone here ever had a crush on one of their cousins before? My mother and my sister have so I tease them every time we see the said cousin.
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FINALLY!! I find a story where a character is both happy & horrified, like me!

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Yay ^^ xD Thank you! That means so much to me to hear that!! ;u;
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