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August 31, 2013
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By reflex I jab my elbow into the guys side forcing him to release me with a groan. Fearing for my life I grab hold of the pistol in my bag, sharply turning and aim. “Wow, wow! Ok, sorry! I know I scared you but hear me out-” “What the- Jesus Chris! I could have blown your head off!” I scold still tightly gripping the handle of the pistol, “H-Hey are you gonna, like…. Lower that?” He questions raising his hands up in a surrendering fashion. “How, did you, GET IN MY ROOM!” I growl gripping him by his collar and push him against the wall, “Calm down!” “No! I have to deal with Jeff, and who knows who else, because you wanted to film in a forest that was closed off, for a more then perfect reason, and just HAD to take the pages as souvenirs! And you should know, it isn’t just me in danger either! It’s you, your family, and Lewis and his family, my dad, everyone! We shouldn’t have to suffer because you did something stupid!” I huff squishing him harder onto the wall. “Now, we’ve been friends for several years, and I made the point to stick with you, and Lewis through hard times. I just ask, that you stick with us, and try not to do anything stupid again!” He nods his head furiously, forcing an obvious fearing smile. I scan him before lowering the handgun and releasing my grip. “Now explain to me why you broke into my house.” I say crossing my arms, sitting on my bed, then look up at him with a pulsing vane in my forehead. “Alright, I’ll make it simple, here.” He holds out old looking notebook paper grinning, “The pages you stole? I don’t want them!” “No- listen! Maybe they’ll leave us alone if we return them! Like go to the factory and give them back!” His grin widens into a full tooth smile, “You’re saying to go back into the forest, brake into the factory, walk up to them if they’re there, and give these back?” He nods still smiling, “Don’t make me shove these down your throat.” I open up the crumpled paper and look at the drawings, “It’s weird how they look like the ones in the games….” I mumble turning it every which way tilting my head to the side. “Maybe the games are real in some way.” I look up at him then blink, “Are you ok? You seem a little….um…not yourself….” I keep my gun close to my side, “How?” “Well, you normally laugh in my face saying Creepypastas aren’t real….” “Ok, look.” He holds out his phone with a text on it that reads; ‘Meet me on cleverbot’. “BEN, he….he said if we don’t watch ourselves we’ll die….I don’t want to die as much as you don’t….please, I’m trying to fix this! I don’t know what to do anymore! I’m freaking out!” He tears up dropping the phone on the floor staring at me. “I got the same text….” Chris sits next to me and I wrap an arm around his shoulders, “We’ll get through this….” I pat his head as he sobs on my chest.
    My eyes snap open when my arm’s squeezed tightly. I look up at the dark outline of a guy hovering over me, so I quickly jerk my hand forward and full force smack him in the face, sending him into the wall with a yelp. I flip the lamp on pistol in hand then groan and lay back down, “___! Why’d you hit me?” Lewis cries out cupping his pinking face, then I sit back up. “Lewis? When did you get here? Where’s Chris?” I say standing up from my bed. “He’s down stairs looking for something to eat….! We got hungry….” I pause for a moment, “Wait, he’s down stairs, in the dark kitchen, alone?” Lewis looks at me with a surprised look, then suddenly we hear Chris scream. I burst out of the room followed by Lewis down the stairs gun in hand. “What’s going on?” “Shh!” I ready the gun waiting behind the corner that leads to the kitchen, while cold sweat rolls down my cheek. “No! Please don’t!” Chris breaths pure horror in his now, high pitched, and shaking voice, “Let him go!” I yell switching from the corner into view.
Jeff’s POV:
    I freeze with the knife raised above my head ready to drive it into this guys chest, when ___ cuts the corner aiming a small handgun at me, with a stern look. “Alright, I’m going to reason with you….put my friend down, I won’t shoot, and you can take whatever it is you came for.” She offers squeezing the gun in a firm grip. I peek behind her to see BEN sneaking up ready to grab her, but as if she had eyes in the back of her head, she swiftly turns driving her fist to his face sending him flying back into the wall. “Stay down! Lewis watch him!” She calls out turning back to me, pistol held with more confidence. I lower the little punk, holding my hands up in a giving way, then he scurries over to her like a lost puppy to it’s owner or mother. “Put the knife down!” She barks motioning the gun to the table and I slide it away from me, “Now, you’re on thin ice here buddy, tell me the truth, where’s my dad?” She questions voice releasing slight worry, “I don’t know.” I speak back staring her dead in the eyes. I know I was telling the truth, he wasn’t in his room when I came in through the window….” “I’ll go see his room!” “Don’t bother! Stay where you are. Now what do you want! Why are you here?” I curse my white face for showing colour so easily, while my cheeks turn a light pink.
Normal POV:
    Jeff’s pale white face tints pink as his fingers tap his sides nervously, what could he want that would make him act like that? I mean really! A cold blooded killer, acting like a bashful little boy wanting something he knows he can’t have but tries getting it anyway. “Jeff, c’mon, you’re taking to long….” The voice trails off as a guy steps through the kitchen window next to the white hooded boy, “Don’t move any farther!” I roughly speak, pulling a mini handgun my dad gave me for emergencies if I lose the pistol out and aim it at him. I take a good look at him, he’s obviously a year or two older then Jeff, his colour pallet is strict black and white, limbs lengthy, dressed like a depressed clown, razor sharp blade like fingers….Laughing Jack….It has to be. My hands begin to shake again as I switch my gaze from Jeff to Jack, my god why are they here? “We’re sorry we took the pages! You can have them back!” Chris panics grabbing at my pocket, “H-Hey! Keep your hands to yourself!” I lean my hips away from his reach trying to focus on the two murderers in front of me. “EEK! That’s not a pocket!” I squeak raising my shoulders up and stepping away, “Stop touching her Chris!” Lewis growls in a wimpy form, crouched down near BEN, “I’m calling the cops!” Chris yells patting his pockets for his phone, “No, don’t! They can’t do anything!” I speak elbowing him in the side, “And we can? Stop trying to act like a guy!” “I-I’m not trying to be a guy! I’m happy b-being a girl!” I furrow my brows hurt by Chris’s words, “A beautiful girl at that.” My head turns over to Jack as he speaks in a deep, chuckle accented voice. I could feel my whole face being inhaled by redness, and eyes bugged out, “Pfft, haha, like she’d go out with you.” Jeff scoffs turning to face his clown like friend, “Oh? Are you saying she’d go out with YOU instead? HAHAHAHA! Please, a crab could do better!” “Hold on, hold on, you guys are fighting over, her?” Chris points to me and I flush from embracement at his unkind words, tilting my head downwards to avoid eye contact. “How dear you insult her!” Jack snaps turning his gaze at the now life fearing Chris, “Watch what you say or I’ll risk that shot.” Jeff also turns to look Chris’s way. I’m pretty sure if he had eyelids, he’d be glaring. “EP!” Lewis calls jumping to his feet, “He’s waking up!” “Slap him or something!” Chris cheers, “What if he bites my hand?” “He’s not a freaking piranha!” I hiss, then look back at Jeff, and Jack, “Now you two, get out of my house!” I slightly lower the guns as they shuffle towards the back door. Jeff inches back and grabs his knife and they hurry out. “Damn….Baby, you hit like a man.” BEN’s voice cracks as he hobbles over to the back door and joins the others. “___!! W-Why’d you, how come you- THEY’RE GETTING AWAY!” Chris and Lewis stutter at my freeing them and watch as I walk over to the couch and slump down onto it. “Yep….” I shrug with the look that shows I really don’t give a shit anymore.
    After about an hour of sitting on the couch playing my guitar and watching a movie with the guys, we pass out. Though I couldn’t surpass the thoughts of everyone saying I act like a guy. I don’t think they realize how much that hurts me….I already know I’m not the most feminine….not the prettiest girl in school….I grew up with a dad that wants me to be a solider when I’m nineteen so he make me lift weights and power run….which lead to me building a more masculine figure….It’s a touchy subject, and I wish people would understand that and lay off. “Ow, Chris you’re on my hand!” Lewis whispers pushing on Chris making him fall off the couch, “Ah! Hey! Don’t be a moron!” “That’s your job!” “Why you-” “GO BACK TO BED!” I yell and they hurry back to their spots. The next morning I awake to the sound of loud snoring, “Uhh….” I look down to locate the sound, it‘s coming from Chris but my gaze turns towards Lewis. His face is planted right in between my breasts, and is drooling in his sleep, “LEWIS!” I yell pushing him off of me and onto the floor to join Chris who must have fallen off at some point. “I didn’t eat the last plate of waffles I swear….” He opens his heavy lids but then closes them and collapses atop of Chris startling him out of his sleep, “Wha- Man get off….” Chris pushes him up and off as I stand from the couch and head for the stairs going straight to my room for a different shirt.
    I sigh dragging my feet then remove my shirt, showing nothing but my un clipped nude bra. I flip my hair back getting it out of my face then turn to my closet to grab a tank top. “AAH!” I shrike, staring at the white hooded boys red face as he stares at my nearly bear chest. I pull out my gun and aiming it at him, “I’ll make this simple, get the hell out of my house and don’t come back or I’ll cover my walls in your brain!” I threaten, completely embarrassed with my size. He however doesn’t listen and approaches me slowly with his hands up in a defensive way. “Stay back!” I growl back up near the closed door, and once again he doesn’t listen and continues to approach. I pull the trigger but it snaps back, ‘GOD FREAKING SAFEMODE!’ I scream at my self turning to grab the door but he sets a hand over mine preventing me from doing anything. I stare him in the cold eyes, tightly gripping the clothe to my chest keeping my bra on as best I can. With one movement he pulls me into his chest, sort of like a hug but not completely. We hold the strong eye contact before he leans down hesitant at first but after sets another one of those really long unnerving kisses on my lips. I panic so quickly I drop my shirt and it pulls my bra with it. I deeply inhale clinging to him shielding my now completely nude top half from his sight. He releases my lips at this movement then becomes nothing but pure red, as he turns his head away. I quickly turning around and putting my bra on, “Stupid clips….” I complain trying to connect the clasp but fail. I wince at the feeling of his hands gripping mine, but raise a brow in question as he helps snap them back together. “Thanks….” I turn and furrow my eyebrows, looking up at him as he towers me by a few inches. The smile carved into his face stretches out almost as wide as it can go, while he give a slight nod. "Oh….you’re bleeding….” I mention looking at the newly dripping blood rolling out of the cut up smile down his chin. I step over to my desk and pull out a few tissues then step back over to Jeff and gently dab to stop the bleeding. But while I was at it I cleaned his whole face since it was blood splattered from whatever he was doing before. “You’re awfully quiet….I’m kind of surprised….” I say taking a new tissue to clean his neck, “What were you expecting?” “I don’t know….telling me what you want. And explain why you kissed me twice.” I glancing up to his heavy stare, “Your friend took the pages but since Slender man and his proxies were out tending to other things, I step in if asked. I’m here to receive the pages. Umm….I did that to keep you from screaming….?” “I wasn‘t going to scream….I have the pages with me so if I give them back will you go away and not kill me, my dad or my friends?” He shares a nod and a small shrug then opens his mouth to speak, “What were you doing in the forest anyways?” A vane pulses in my forehead, “Chris, the one with brown hair, wanted to make an all time five stars, money making horror film, so Lewis, the blond one, and I thought it’s be fun to try out acting and be the main characters in the movie….I only agreed because Chris’s former plan was only to spook up the old abandon house next to the woods and make it our set, but he got the crazy idea we should film IN the woods instead of around it to make it more….‘horrific’.” I explain shaking my head. Jeff stares, then looks out my window towards the woods then looks back at me, opening his mouth.
    “___?” I gasp standing to my feet at the sound of my dad’s voice on the other side of the door, “O-one second!” I call out pulling Jeff by his arm and shove him into my closet, take out a tank top, then close him in. “Ok, come in!” I call  grabbing my guitar at the last second.
To Be Continued~
I do not own Creepypasta!
You belong to Jeff~
I love feed back! Let me know what you think!
Oh my god sorry this is kinda late ;_; I had this done last night and all I had to do was proof read, but I clocked out and didn't finish reading it 'til now >3> sorry 'bout that!

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Waffles & Creepy pasta!!! My Life just better & better!!!! yeah.... XD
TaraMoonStar Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Heck yeah! Best thing ever! xD
“I didn’t eat the last plate of waffles I swear….”
TaraMoonStar Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
>w< That's Lewis for you!
SecretGermanyLover Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a blonde guy friend named Lewis who makes home movies… what is this?!
TaraMoonStar Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Black magic my friend. I'm also psychic. lol
ZeldaLover2000 Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
EP!” Lewis calls jumping to his feet, “He’s waking up!” “Slap him or something!” Chris cheers, “What if he bite my hand?” “He’s not a freaking piranha!”  Love it lol
TaraMoonStar Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Between you and me, it was my favorite part to write in this chapter! xD
ZeldaLover2000 Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Lol I bet it was awesome writing
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